Meet the owner of Double J Lawncare Plus and Cadillac Irrigation. Josh Johnson is a local native that began this company by accident with a snow plow and a 22 inch push mower! The company quickly blew up due to Josh’s inherited family motivation and the satisfaction rates of his customers. The high standard that Josh has set for his company since day one has held true year after year. His company will not be the most inexpensive company you will find, but he will always stand behind its work using the company motto at each job they do.
Along the way, landscaping was added to the mix, along with the purchase of Cadillac Irrigation. Double J Lawncare Plus has been a key component to several large landscape projects within Cadillac and the surrounding communities. We employee dedicated workers that attend trainings each year to help ensure they learn and grow by staying up to date with the latest and best techniques. Josh limits the company’s growth to ensure that the company does not take on too many customers at a time, maintaining the company motto.
You will find Josh and his 2 children all around the community and enjoying many activities that the 4 seasons of Michigan bring!